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Our motto: Together we are stronger!


Team München is currently the largest gay-lesbian-transgender-hetero sports club in Munich and Bavaria with over 800 members. Team München currently offers recreational sports in more than 19 sports. The range of sports on offer is continuously being expanded. Golf and Sport-shooting will return to our familly shortly.

If we do not offer certain sports, this is mostly because there is already a separate club for them, such as the "Isarhechte" for swimming ...


We are proud that our athletes successfully participate in the Bavarian league in football, table tennis, badminton, handball, rugby, tennis and volleyball.


In addition to regular sports activities, we have also been organizing other events for many years, such as:

- the Summer Sport Festival, our multisport tournament

- Climbing in cooperation with the GOC

- the Run for life, a charity run in aid of the Munich AIDS Foundation, which regularly attracts hundreds of runners to the English Garden on the second Sunday in September.


Team München is also (and not just since the EuroGames 2004) one of the committed member associations in the existing international umbrella organizations such as the EGLSF ( and FGG (

So we are actually a completely "normal" amateur sports club. With the small difference that we represent a minority with mostly homosexual athletes. That is why we always fulfill a political mandate. We see ourselves as a solidarity community for tolerance and equality. That is why we regularly fly the flag at the CSD (Pride festival Munich), the Hans Sachs Street Festival and other occasions where our rights and interests must be represented.


We are also actively involved in the sporting scene in Munich.

Through a club member, we are present in the sports advisory board of the state capital of Munich (made up of city councilmembers, club representatives and city administration) and can specifically represent the interests of the small sports clubs.



Club history:


Gay and lesbian sport has now a thirty-year tradition in Munich. Over the years, individual smaller clubs and groups, organized according to sport, emerged over the years: the volleyball players Bavaria Rosé, the FrontRunners, the footballers (Streetboys and Elfen), the Isarhechte (swimmers), the racket club (tennis / squash / badminton), the Amazonen (women's association) etc. The "Team München" then drove together to Amsterdam for the 1998 Gay Games. Back in Munich, the idea arose that we might be stronger together after all. In July 1999, Team Munich was finally founded as a registered, non-profit association.


Since then there has been a boom in gay and lesbian sports in the Bavarian capital:

Today more than 1000 athletes are organized in nine gay and lesbian clubs. This dynamic made it possible for the biggest EuroGames in history to take place in Munich in the summer of 2004, with over 5,000 athletes, thousands of visitors and spectators around the Olympic site.


The 20th anniversary celebration of Team München on July 20, 2019 impressively demonstrated our success story:

The range of sports and the number of members have more than tripled and the "team" remains the engine for new leisure and sports activities in Munich.

With our homepage and our external appearance, we have given ourselves a contemporary, attractive face and a quickly recognizable corporate identity.

Even today the community continues to make us strong, even today it makes sense that there is a strong, large gay-lesbian-transgender-hetero sports club like Team München that has already achieved a lot, but also has big plans.


Sports diversity and the diversity of social life, these are our tradition and our mission for the future.


Team München - the sporty diversity


Here are some of the important links of our homepages (in german): for the boardmembers for how to become a member (also in English) for all sports offered for the timetable of training for how to get ito contact with us.